Socially Distanced Viewings – Now Available

Virtual 360° walk through tours


It is no understatement to suggest that the global pandemic has had a huge impact on everyone's day to day life. Tasks that were once routine or second nature are now being 'risk assessed' to ensure compliance with the Corona-Code and that social distancing is observed.


As commercial property agents a key part of our role is social interaction, particularly when it comes to traditional agency work. Accompanied viewings and face-to-face negotiations with prospective tenants, landlords, owners and purchasers are commonplace but due to the pandemic we have had to adapt to new ways of working.


Therefore, in light of these changes we have recently invested in new technology that will help us implement these new measures.


As part of our enhanced marketing we are now able to produce 360° virtual tours for any commercial property, this means that in the event of a second lockdown or further restrictions we are still able to provide 'virtual viewings' for any prospective tenant or purchaser. Furthermore, all of our agents have the ability to operate over virtual meeting platforms and therefore, negotiations are still able to continue on a face-to-face basis albeit socially distanced.


'The use of virtual viewings has been around for some time in the residential market but has never made the leap to commercial property. With the use of a high definition 360° camera we are able to create high quality 3D scans of properties picking up the smallest of details. The scans are then stitched together to provide a full virtual 'walk through' view of the property. From this scan we are able to add key information points as well as being able to virtually measure specific parts of the property such as eaves heights and the height of a roller shutter door.'


'We are also able to provide a virtual 360° live stream video of a property, enabling prospective tenants and purchasers to view the property live whilst adhering to social distancing rules.'


'Whilst we are not trying to replace the traditional 'face to face' aspect of property agency it is certainly a step forward in the current climate and will enable safer, socially distanced yet remarkably life like viewings of properties.'


Please follow the link to see an example of a 360° viewing:


Should you have an existing property requirement or are contemplating the disposal of your commercial property then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01332 298000 or and one of our team would be happy to provide their assistance.


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