Reaching new heights in High Street

Commercial property agents Salloway Property Consultants have finalised the 3 year lease of the ground floor of 171 High Street located in the prime retailing area of Burton upon Trent adjacent to the Cooper's Square Shopping Centre.


This transaction sees a change of use from ground floor retail (Class A1 Shops) to a pole fitness studio (Class D2 Assembly and Leisure) and is the project of Anna Sitkowska, a nurse at Burton hospital and qualified pole fitness instructor.


Anna is thrilled to be opening her A-Core Fitness Centre in November and cites that her experience within the health profession has made her increasingly aware of both the physical and mental health benefits of keeping fit and active.


Anna commented, "in addition to the obvious physical health benefits associated with pole fitness, the most noticeable benefit is actually related to psychological and emotional health. When people are stressed, adrenaline starts slowly building up, causing anxiety and depression.  An intensive pole session helps to blow out all that and start the body producing endorphins, which are the hormones associated with feelings of euphoria.  You will be calmer and happier after a good workout".


Anna further explained, "with mindfulness specifically in mind, we offer Pole Yoga, which is a trademarked exercise program that combines elements from pole fitness classes with Hatha yoga poses. The vertical pole assists with alignment as well as adding a touch of fun.  The program provides stretching and conditioning in the poses while retaining yoga's meditative and relaxing aspects".


Associate Partner at Salloway, Anwar Hussain who secured the transaction added, "this is an unusual transaction for us; however, I have no doubt that Anna will make a success of this venture; she is passionate about the health benefits of this exercise and importance of exercise being a fun experience and we wish her well as the launch draws near".


The fitness centre is available for private, group and practice fitness sessions, as well as the opportunity for the space to be rented for private events such as hen nights and birthday parties.

Anwar Hussain
Contact Details:
Tel 01283 500030

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