Increasing Optimism In The Derby Property Market

Chris Taylor, surveyor at commercial property agent Salloway, believes that the mood within the UK property market is more buoyant, with inquiries at an increased level and transactions starting to move a little quicker.

"We certainly saw a ramping up of activity in the latter parts of 2013, and the start to 2014 has been more positive than in many years.

"There have been greater levels of inquiries, more deals being done, better quality of property and transactions within the market and even a number of design-and-build lettings being achieved for bespoke requirements.

"This has left us feeling somewhat more optimistic than over the last few years.

"Derby is well positioned to attract businesses from across the UK and internationally, boasting excellent schools, university education and as a centre of innovation we have a work force with an advanced technological skill base as well as high-quality transport links to the rest of the country."

Mr Taylor believes that reurbanisation is one of the key elements to the future prosperity of the city.

He said: "Truly successful city centres need a residential population that fully interacts with a thriving office and retail scene, and there begins the process of re-urbanisation, bringing people back into our city centres.

"We need to make our city centre housing stock more attractive as a whole for the young professionals of our city.

"Huge steps forward have been made in this respect with the current development of the Castleward urban village, but encouraging more areas like Chester Green with its "green lung", in areas such as Macklin Street would also be a positive move.''

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